You just bought your first pair of lashes and now you need to know everything about them for dramatically beautiful lashes! We're here to help. Check out our library of how-to videos to learn the best way to glam up. (Coming Soon)

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How to wear Ascent lashes.

(Optional: Apply primer then powder to your eyelid for stronger liquid liner application).

1. Shake your Magnetic Eyeliner before opening.

2. Open the liner and use the applicator to apply the product across the upper lash line only, as you would any liquid eyeliner. You can start with the inner corner to the outer corner in one careful and smooth motion.

(Apply 2-3 coats for a stronger hold).

3. Wait until the liner is about 80% dry.

4. Grab one side of your Ascent Lashes with Ascent Lash tweezers. You can customize the magnetic lash by cutting it to better fit your eye width before application. (Make sure to remove anchors at both ends of each lash before use and reapply after lash application for a stronger hold)

5. Start at the inner corner to place the lash onto the Magnetic Liner and you will see a magnetic attraction. (apply anchors at both ends of lashes for a stronger hold) Voila!

6. Repeat on the other eye and you're ready for endless glamour!

How to clean, maintain and store Ascent lashes for future use.

1. Remove Magnetic Lashes from your lash line. Be careful not to wet the lashes as this could ruin quality and shape.

2. Use Ascent's Makeup Remover Pen to gently clean off each magnet.

3. You can also use your favorite brand of makeup wipes to gently clean the magnetic strip before putting lashes back in the lash tray.

4. Use Ascent Lash tweezer comb and comb through the lash, then store the lashes back into the lash tray.

How to take off your Ascent lashes

1. Remove lashes by lifting from either corner of the eye.

2. Use Ascent Lash Oopsie! Makeup Remover Pen to remove eyeliner and cleans skin with oil-based makeup remover.

3. Don't have Ascent Liner Remover? No problem. Instead, after gently pulling lashes off, simply clean your eyelids with any makeup remover..

4. Rinse your eyes with warm water.

How to measure and trim your lashes

1. Measure the lash to your eye to decide how much the lash should be trimmed.

2. Trim off the excess lash with scissors from the outer corner. Be mindful of the placement of the outermost magnet.

3. Wear your Magnetic Liner and lashes (see How to wear Ascent Lashes)

Still having trouble? Try these tips.

1. Use primer and a powder / eyeshadow prior to applying Magnetic Eyeliner for better traction.

2. Make sure the liner is the same length as your lashes, so the magnets have enough magnetism.

3. Don't forget to wait until the liner is mostly dry (about 80%).

4. Don't let your lashes get gucky. Or they won't last very long. Always put them away after a thorough clean, removal of any residual liner.