Ascent Lash was established as a solution to a problem in the beauty industry. An answer that resolves the common argument that it takes too long to put on false eyelashes every morning. And, most people would agree that their most valuable asset in life is their time. That is why one Mom felt the need to create an alternative to the traditional false eyelashes that use glue adhesives. This Mom quickly felt there wasn’t enough time for herself while balancing life with her career and kids. 

This Mom that I am describing is a licensed esthetician and a full-time professional lash artist named May. Being in the lash industry, she hears stories from her clients on how they appreciate getting their lashes professionally done, but she also understands that not everyone is able to dedicate time blocks in their schedule to routinely get them filled. Her clients of everyday professionals, students, and moms all share similar issues that the self-applied eyelashes are difficult, too messy, and take too long to apply. While she is able to happily serve her clients as a lash artist, she knew there was still a large portion of individuals that were still in need. May understood that getting lash extensions was a luxury service not only because of the price, but because of the upkeep and time it takes to get them done every session. 

That is where Ascent Lash is able to proudly present Magnetic Eyelashes to everyone that wishes to have that stunning look at the comfort of their personal space. Better yet, Ascent Magnetic Lashes uses scientific techniques in magnets to abandon the traditional false eyelashes that use glue adhesives to bond together. Ascent Lash incorporates magnetic eyeliner with magnetic eyelashes for that instant snatch experience. Customers no longer have to spend valuable time and money every two weeks to maintain their lashes through a professional. They are able to look and feel fabulous without having to take much time getting ready. Additionally, Ascent Lashes are made to last up to 50 wears if properly taken care of. That means after those restless night-outs on the weekends, we have the option to remove or switch to a weekday look. Regardless, Ascent Lash has many styles for all occasions. It is the perfect solution to any individual looking to save time and money without sacrificing beauty and confidence.