Are you looking for Magnetic Lashes that actually last?

Tired of having to constantly replace your lashes because they didn’t hold up?

Whether you’re comparing other Magnetic Lash brands or non-magnetic lashes that require glue, Ascent Magnetic Lashes are tested and rated for over 50 uses when properly taken cared for. Our magnetic lashes are designed using the newest innovations and tweaks that bring us to the best in the industry. Our lash crafters have refined our product by using material from the highest quality to improve comfort, durability, and ease of use.

The longevity of your magnetic lash compared to other brands relies on quality of materials used, design, and your aftercare process.

You can guarantee that your lashes by Ascent Lash are made with high-quality synthetic fiber, so it’s up to you how long you want them to last. By following our aftercare guidelines “(Link)”, that will ensure you have your lashes ready for use just like how they were when you first bought them!

Unlike the traditional lash extensions with glue, our magnetic lashes uses magnetic eyeliner to latch on. That means no glue use, whatsoever! Imagine not having to scrap away all that excess glue at the end of the night. Forget that process - by using our 'Oopsie! Make Up Remover Pen', you can easily clean off any dirt or residue that was accumulated throughout your day.

It’s very important that you place them back into your box after you’re done cleaning to keep its shape and protect from any unwanted contamination. Be careful not to deform the band, as this will cause your lash to lose it’s capability.

Our magnetic lashes are no where close to the cost of professional lash extensions, but they’re not cheap either. Compare to other magnetic and non-magnetic lashes, we use premium quality materials, so treat them as such! Take care of your lashes, and they will take care of you! 🥰️

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